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Elon Musk Declares War Against Apple

The ongoing conflict between Apple and Twitter just ramped up a notch when Elon Musk sent out his most recent tweet. In one of his most recent tweets, the CEO of Twitter said that the Cupertino firm has halted the majority of its advertising on Twitter and accused the business of threatening to remove the platform from its app store.

He also accused Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from its app store. Musk asserts that Apple has made the unsubstantiated threat to “withhold” Twitter from the iOS App Store without providing any explanation.

On Monday, Musk sent out a tweet that said, “Apple has for the most part ceased advertising on Twitter.” “Do they despise the right to free speech in the United States?”

Recent Tweet:


After this, he sent out another tweet in which he said that Apple “threatened to withdraw Twitter from its App Store.” Even further, he posed the question in the form of a poll as to whether or not Apple should “reveal any censoring acts it has made that harm its users.” Musk criticised Apple’s approach to the fees charged by the App Store, referring to it as a “hidden 30% tax” on the internet.

Since Musk’s takeover of the company, Twitter has been experiencing increased levels of stress. As a result of Musk’s purchase of Twitter for $44 billion, several marketers have temporarily halted their ad campaigns across the microblogging network.

Because of Musk’s proposals for the monitoring of material on Twitter and his decision to restore numerous banned accounts, including the one belonging to Donald Trump, in the spirit of free speech, many of the most prominent advertisers and marketers have stopped running sponsored advertising on Twitter. The social networking company that Trump used terminated his account a year ago “because of the potential for future incitement of violence.”

Musk recently carried out a survey in which he inquired as to whether or not Twitter ought to provide a “universal amnesty to banned accounts” in the event that the accounts had neither violated any laws nor been involved in any “egregious spam.” More than 3.1 million people participated in this survey, and the results showed that 72.4% of respondents support broad reinstatement. Musk reinstated Trump’s banned account on Saturday, despite the fact that many users had voiced their disapproval of the move.

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