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Elon Musk-crypto video plays on South Korean government’s hacked YouTube account

Hacker posted fake videos of Elon Musk addressing crypto to advertise crypto scam on South Korean government YouTube channel.

Hackers changed the name of the official South Korean government YouTube account to SpaceX Invest. After that, the hacker produced fake videos of Elon Musk talking about crypto to promote crypto scams. According to a spokesman of the ministry of culture and tourism, which manages the YouTube account, the breach was discovered right away, security measures were implemented, and the account was quickly restored.

The South Korean government’s YouTube account was momentarily hacked and given a new identity on September 3 in order to upload live broadcasts of videos on crypto, according to Yonhap News Agency (YNA), a local news outlet in South Korea.

The key culprits in the breach were discovered to be the compromised ID and password for the YouTube channel. Google reportedly confirmed the breach as well.

The YouTube channel has been hacked, according to Google, the channel’s parent corporation. According to a Google Korea representative, the company is currently looking into the cause of the incident. The incident follows this week’s hack of a YouTube channel managed by the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) of the ministry of tourism.

About 509,000 people subscribe to the Youtube channel, which was apparently hacked twice, first on Thursday and once the following day. Currently, there’s no way to access the channel. A KTO spokesperson claims that if Google notices odd connections, it promptly shuts access to the account.

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