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Ebonex join hands with Mastercard to launch crypto link card

In a recent press release, Ebonex, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, announced a partnership with Mastercard, a top global payments & technology company, to examine Australia using Bitcoin (BTC) through its crypto-linked card on August 5.

This partnership was established specifically for the purpose of creating a new crypto-linked card. Ebonex is now Mastercard’s Primary Member for the firm’s issuing of crypto-funded card payments. Thanks to this collaboration, customers will be able to use their cryptocurrency holdings wherever they want. This is due to the seamless conversion of crypto by Mastercard users into fiat money that merchants will accept.

A global leader in payments and technology, Mastercard links businesses, consumers, governments, and issuers. On the other hand, Ebonex enables users to sell, buy and exchange crypto assets. The Australian crypto ecosystem will grow as a result of this partnership between two major businesses.

Dong Hu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated: 

“Joining the Mastercard network through Ebonex will provide us with the opportunity to drive innovation in crypto and payments in Australia.”

Hu also mentioned that the business will dispense both physical and virtual cards. Associated benefits include cashback, NFTs, lounge access, online media, flyer points, digital assets, and music subscriptions.

Mastercard has previously expressed interest in cryptocurrencies. The business seemed to be gradually taking over the crypto market.

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