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Do Kwon says “No” to hide over fear of Interpol arrest warrant

On September 26, Do Kwon, the creator of Terraform Labs responded to a user on Twitter with, “I’m writing code in my living room hbu.” The creator once more appeared to downplay his position when asked about his opinions on a newly announced Interpol red alert following a warrant issued by a South Korean court.

Do Kwon doesn’t seem overly worried about being sought by the police. Terraform Labs creator claimed he is “making zero attempt to hide,” adding that he goes to malls and on walks, even if his exact location is unclear.


Do Kwon stated, “There is no possibility none of CT have encountered me in the last few weeks.” The founder apologised for any confusion, but when asked where one may see him, he said he hadn’t sent out a “twitter wide invitation.”

After the $40 billion collapse of Luna and terraUSD, South Korean authorities are looking for the founder-turned-fugitive and other Terraform Labs employees for allegedly violating financial market laws.

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