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Diners Clubs joins hand with DigiFT to issue security token-DEX

According to the press release published on September 12, the industry’s first corporate note from Diners Clubs was tokenized and issued on DigiFT Security Token DEX via AMM (Automatic Market Maker) liquidity pool.

On its decentralised exchange platform (“DEX”), DigiFT has effectively finished the issuance, secondary trading, and recovery of a corporate note security token. 

Moreover, 100 NFTs will be minted and air-dropped by DigiFT to numerous shareholders and partners to continue the completion of its debut listing security token.

Henry Zhang, CEO of DigiFT, said, “Our token investors are the first on the planet to trade real-world managed financial assets on a public blockchain DEX. We will proceed to improve and offer greater investment items for digital clients in an administratively compliant manner.”

Mr. Philip Koh of DCS expressed, “The token is a critical advancement that uses the benefits of blockchain to foster a substitute source of financing.”

On August 1, 2022  Diners Club (Singapore) Private Limited (“DCS”) one-month corporate note was completely subscribed at the Initial offering. The trader and investors could trade security tokens on the DigiFT Security Token DEX platform. Moreover, 80% of the transactions were finished via the AMM (Automatic Market Maker) system. 

Unlike other trading platforms that require active market makers to complete the buy and sell process, AMM works on smart contract liquidity pools to promote the secondary market trading process.

Henry Zhang and Wanli Li founded DigiFT in 2020. DigiFT is endeavoring to be the primary regulated decentralised security trading exchange and is determined to give a regulated decentralized finance solution on the Ethereum public blockchain.  

DCS Diners Club (Singapore) Private Limited is a company of Diners Club International Ltd., an organization of banking and payment services. Moreover, in Singapore, the organisation has a huge base of cardholders.

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