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Digital Wave Finance launches DWF Labs to conquer Web3 market

Digital Wave Finance (DWF) launched DWF labs to become the leading Web3 venture capital and market maker globally.

One of the biggest crypto trading firms in the world, Digital Wave Finance (DWF), established DWF Labs in an effort to dominate the global Web3 venture capital and market-maker. DWF Labs offers market making, over-the-counter (OTC) trading services, early-stage investments, secondary market investments, token listing, and advisory services in addition to token trading to Web3 firms. DWF trades spot and derivatives on more than 40 reputable exchanges. Singapore serves as the regional headquarters for DWF Labs throughout Asia. Additionally, it maintains offices in Hong Kong, China, and Dubai.

DWF Labs will trade more than 800 trading pairs every day in the market. More than 40 reputed exchanges will accept its trading algorithms globally. 99% of the crypto trading volume can be covered by the tokens it administers, so they can be listed. Onboarding costs, monthly fees, trading fees, market making crossing fees, and other market-making-related expenses are not assessed by DWF Labs. The reputable exchanges that DFW Labs works with include Binance, FTX, Gate, KuCoin, OKX, ByBit,, Huobi, and others.

Additionally, this helps DWF Labs to improve capital efficiency and free up its clients’ time to focus on project development. Andrei Grachev, Managing Partner, DWF Labs, stated:

“Web3 projects supported by blockchain and metaverse technology are expanding quickly. Additionally, investors are becoming more interested in these ventures. DWF Labs intends to capitalise on this rapidly expanding industry.

Through token investments, DWF Labs has so far closed over 30 venture capital agreements with Web3 businesses. By guaranteeing enough market depth, DWF increases trust in the liquidity of the market by enabling other market players to trade the tokens of their customers with minimal price effect. Additionally, DFW Lab’s market-making solutions shield investors and tokens from dangers like “pump-and-dump” attacks and wildly fluctuating prices. DWF Labs provides market making and OTC trading services, as well as consultation, cybersecurity, token audit procedures, debt-financing, and linkages with their various partners in a wide range of industries.

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