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Deso launches on-chain encrypted messaging app to provide privacy to its users

On October 12, Deso, a decentralised layer-1 blockchain, announced the launch of  decentralised on-chain end-to-end encrypted direct messaging and group chats applications. As per Deso, this new innovation would bring down industry leaders like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

In a recent press release, Deso said with the help of new technology the company will provide censorship resistance to messaging and Bitcoin pseudonymity.

As a result of the innovation, DeSo is now the only blockchain that supports group conversations and smooth end-to-end encryption on-chain messaging. DeSoto founder Nader Al-Naji said, “DeSo is now the only blockchain that might support something like this.”

The top decentralised layer-1 blockchain also aims to give users the same amount of privacy and censorship resistance in their communications as they have with Bitcoin.

This is in contrast to other texting services like the well-known private chat app Signal. The platform offers full data of customer messages.

Nonetheless, its amount of privacy is less effective due to the personal information that it seeks from users such as a phone number, before utilising the service.

As per the declaration, Diamond, the decentralised Twitter app and other DeSo app users can now sign up without providing personal details. As a result, Diamond has disclosed plans for DeSo to introduce decentralised encrypted group messages in the coming weeks.

Moreover, DeSo, a decentralised layer-1 blockchain, supports all messages and categorises them as censorship resistant. All users will be able to receive messages exclusively in this fashion, regardless of whether they reside in a nation with limited free speech.

Al-Naji further stated on the innovation, “It costs roughly $75 to store a 200-character message on Ethereum, compared to about $15 on Solana, Avalanche, or Polygon. DeSo, on the other hand, costs a tenth thousand of a cent and is the first blockchain capable of changing storage-intensive apps like Signal, WhatsApp and iMessage.”

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