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DeFi will surpass TradFi in the coming ten years: KyberSwap CEO

On September 29, Victor Tran CEO of KyberSwap, a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) aggregator and liquidity platform, forecasted that Decentralised Finance (DeFi) would surpass Traditional Finance (TradFi) in the coming ten years, at Token2049 event.

As per the press release, Victor also declared KyberSwap will be the most popular Decentralised Exchange (DEX) due to its inherent capacity to offer the best rates in the entire DeFi.


Victor said, “Users are still disclosing their information today since it is possible for others to see what is in their wallets and the prices at which they transact. Users continue to use DeFi as it offers a viable way to make money while having control over your own assets. Naturally, privacy will be the next step to ensure their privacy. Along with that, significant use cases like insurance will significantly increase to offer people more protection.” 

Victor Tran along with the co-founders of 1inch Network and MANTRA, announced during the panel discussion at Decentralised Exchanges: The Road Ahead: “Consumers in the future will prefer privacy and control, especially considering advancements across the world today.”

Enhancing user security measures is a top goal for the industry as privacy concerns have grown throughout the bear market. 

According to the press note, “It is essential to provide stability to consumers as they are still coping with the tremendous volatility and blowout in the markets with the downturn as well as various security issues like hacks in the market with tones of losses.”

The Defi domain will evolve as DeFi grows, use cases develop, and leaders in decentralisation like KyberSwap, continuously improve ecosystem integration and UI/UX. 

Eventually, utilising a decentralised exchange and associated services will be as simple as using a digital banking app or even simpler.

As a result, more individuals will choose to use cryptocurrency because of improved usability, especially the huge and growing tech-savvy global demographics of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and other regions. Moreover, better usability will also draw a new generation of users and the unbanked.

Victor states, institutions will take part in DeFi more frequently. “Institutions place great emphasis on privacy, protection infrastructure and security since they have very different needs than retail users. DeFi will soon have a lot of  application layers, infrastructure layers, and privacy-focused features unlocked, attracting a lot of institutional funding.”

Victor explains the short-term plan for KyberSwap. KyberSwap is concentrating on offering sustained DeFi income potential during the bear market for at least the next one and half years via significant liquidity mining campaigns with our project partners and chain partners, such as Avalanche Network, Polygon Chain, QiDao and Lido Finance.

KyberSwap, a DEX aggregator, now offers consumers the best swap prices on 12 chains and has the goal of making DeFi simple, accessible, secure, and rewarding for all users worldwide. “In the end, it all comes down to making people’s lives simpler.”

KyberSwap is 100% committed to enhancing user advantages and security. Decentralised finance is just getting started, and it will continue to expand rapidly. 

Victor concluded his speech by saying, “KyberSwap believes a turning point will occur within the next ten years, and we are working nonstop to be a crucial component of that future.”

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