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Decentralised music platform Audius hits 7.5M users after faces $6M Hack

Decentralised music streaming service Audius surpasses the milestone of 7.5 million active monthly users globally. As per Audius Network’s CEO Roneil Rumburg, “Growth has continued through this market cycle of sorts since the typical Audius user is not even aware the crypto is there.”

Audios to offer platform to Independent artist 

Audios as a decentralised music streaming platform play a vital role in providing a platform to independent artists. Notably, independent artists have their own challenges despite being fashionable. As a matter of fact, Globally, musicians are searching for a decentralised solution as the likes of Spotify and Apple Music continue to rake from small artists without any guilt. 

In addition, The music platform (AUDIO) has started a competition for artists to upload their video in the artistic process. As per the company the criteria to participate in the competition is to subscribe to Audius on Reddit. 

Moreover, the music streaming platform also launched a grant programme through which musicians may apply for funding to produce albums, organise shows, or create music videos.

Audius continues to extend its user despite faced $6M Hack

According to prior reports, the $6 million attack that the Audius (AUDIO) music network faced affected 18 million $AUDIO tokens. As per CoinGecko, the price of Audius (AUDIO) at the time of posting is $0.210593. The decentralised music coin has lost 24.9% further value since last month, almost totally retracing its all-time high at $4.95 over a year ago. Crypto experts Broski Crypto, however, see a good chance.



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