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Dalrada Corporation helps Averett University to develop metaverse

On September 20, Averett University in Virginia and Dalrada Financial Corporation announced a groundbreaking partnership to design, create, and execute a unique digital environment while providing students with an immersive metaverse experience.

Dalrada will provide a futuristic experience to the university in order to enable Averett students to better understand data ownership, customised artificial intelligence, and the impacts of digital currency on an economic system.

Dalrada Corporation to build metaverse

Dalrada Corporation
Dalrada Corporation to build metaverse

Dalrada will bring the metaverse experience via specialised tools and unique technology to help people learn more about the fundamental technologies needed to build a cutting-edge metaverse-based economic system. It is estimated that Dalrada will contribute more than $2 million to the creation of this advanced Web 3.0 learning environment.

The new metaverse develops on Dalrada’s recent collaboration with technology innovator imagineeer and is made feasible by a broader renewable energy project on the Averett University campus that will also result in significant cost benefits.

The plan will incorporate digital twinning capacities that will not only improve the energy utilization throughout the premises and record reduction in carbon emissions but also develop fresh teaching opportunities focused on data-driven sustainability activities.

The collaboration is also anticipated to assist Averett University in addressing persistent societal issues, such as student satisfaction and general welfare.

The collaboration may serve as a benchmark for universities all throughout the nation while giving students the resources they need to succeed beyond graduation. Students at Averett will acquire practical skills and knowledge to fight for occupations that will power the industries of the future.

Dr. Tiffany Franks, president of Averett University said, “Partnering with Dalrada will guarantee that Averett does its role to nurture an educational environment designed to propel our students into the digital future, preparing them to not only seek work after they leave but to help create them as well.”

The importance of the metaverse for institutions like colleges is highlighted by its cutting-edge technological capabilities: Jose Arrieta, chief strategy officer of Dalrada and president of Dalrada Technologies said, “Delivering a learning experience like this to Averett University enables us to involve students in the digital world of the future.” “Students get invaluable experience through participation in a metaverse-based environment with digital twinning possibilities, which will benefit them even after they graduate.

Arrieta agreed with Dr. Franks’ sentiments and said, “Our aim is to ultimately have students create the employment of the future instead of simply search for the jobs of the future.” 

Dalrada’s creative approach to creating digital environments makes use of advanced tools that will ultimately transform the scope and rate of adoption of other connected technologies.

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