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Crypto Policy Symposium: Crypto sceptics comes together to discuss future of crypto policy

On July 3, Amy Castor, an independent journalist, announced on her site that crypto sceptics (anti-crypto people) are coming together on September 5 to 6 in London for the conference “Crypto Policy Symposium” for the first time. The event is being hosted by software engineer and co-author of the “Popping the Crypto Bubble” book, Stephen Diehl. This conference is a way for crypto-sceptics to network among themselves and engage with politicians to discuss the development of future crypto policy.

The symposium will take place over 2 days, with 12 sessions lasting 45 minutes each. The ideal panel will include three to four participants, including a tech expert, a lawyer, and a journalist, “to provide a balanced perspective,” according to Stephen Diehl. 

According to author and symposium organiser Stephen Diehl, the purpose of this first anti-crypto conference is to provide the public a chance to discuss their ideas with lawmakers on how the crypto industry should be managed.

The impact of bitcoin on the environment, bitcoin politics (yes, author David Golumbia of “The Politics of Bitcoin”), ICOs, NFTs, Web3, and the recent DeFi domino collapse will all be discussed. Diehl has invited 30 famous crypto-sceptic luminaries, including David Gerard and Amy Castor, from the fields of journalism, technology, and academia.

Politicians currently mostly hear from lobby organisations supported by wealthy crypto startups that receive substantial venture capital funding. Diehl believes that the initiative would bring together subject matter experts and officials from the US and the EU to solve issues of public concern.

Crypto community awaits the conference

The crypto community is very excited about the conference. As one of the users tweeted:

This conference could bring new insights to the crypto community. As they notice something new approaching them.

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