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Crypto investors shows high hopes in cryptocurrency business: CoinLoan survey

CoinLoan, a crypto start-up and crypto financing company, has conducted a survey with its customers and as per the survey result, most investors remain hopeful about the future of the cryptocurrency business, despite current market setbacks. The survey was conducted by the company through email and it asked for providing a response on the degree of satisfaction with CoinLoan’s different services. 

CoinLoan Survey result

CoinLoan provides many services to customers including its crypto financing system, interest accounts, security requirements, and customer support. As per the response from its customer, they have given a 74% satisfaction rating to the company’s financing system. CoinLoan’s security requirements are rated 92% satisfactory, while customer assistance is rated 78% acceptable. Customers assess CoinLoan’s interest accounts as 83% favourable.

As per the survey result, despite the market slump, CoinLoan clients remain confident in the organization, as indicated by the tremendous positive comments they have supplied.

CoinLoan’s feature service

As per the survey customers were also asked about the most attractive component of CoinLoan’s lending. As per the response received, CoinLoan’s rapid loan processing and flexibility to pay back loans using other assets were the two feature services that distinguish CoinLoan from its rivals. 

What is the company’s strategy to build trust?

In the current market scenario, Companies must be vigilant in retaining client trust in the crypto sector as it evolves and expands. In this line, CoinLoan has announced agreements with Elliptic, a leader in crypto-asset risk management, and Blaze Information Security, an autonomous information security firm. Investing in collaborations with Elliptic and Blaze Information Security shows CoinLoan’s dedication to its consumers and readiness to go above and beyond for them. 

The firm has future plans to broaden its services to better satisfy the demands of its customers.

According to Alex Faliushin, CEO of CoinLoan: 

“We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the user experience of our customers, and these survey results are a fantastic indication that our hard work is paying off. Even as this industry suffers some growing pains, CoinLoan stands as an example of what sustainable growth in the right direction can look like.”

About CoinLoan

CoinLoan, a 2017 startup, is an EU-licensed cryptocurrency company that provides Instant loan services against Cryptoassets, Crypto Interest Accounts services, and Crypto Exchange services. The company offers the greatest security protocols and asset protection to their customers, allowing its customers to benefit from the greatest levels of protection. The company provides incredibly competitive loans and APY rates on savings, straightforward pricing, and 24X7 human customer care service. These have resulted in great client retention and satisfaction. The CoinLoan platform provides exchange and management of a diverse and expanding spectrum of cryptocurrencies, such as its native token and conventional currencies.

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