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Crypto firm lawyer Kyle Roche withdraws from class action litigation after crypto scandal video leak

Attorney Kyle Roche of Roche Freedman, who was previously criticised for working with the CEO of Ava Labs, has withdrawn from various class action cases that were filed against corporations relating to digital assets. Roche is a founding member of the legal firm and is known for being connected with the filing of high-profile class action lawsuits against a variety of crypto firms and initiatives.

According to a number of court filings that were made public on August 31, Roche is considered to be “no longer participating” in the class action practice of Roche Freedman. Additionally, the law firm has submitted paperwork to withdraw Roche from his role as counsel in class action lawsuits concerning Tron and Global Trading.

The cryptocurrency legal firm Roche Freedman said in a move to resign as counsel in the Tether and Bitfinex Crypto asset lawsuit case that Roche would withdraw as one of the lawyers for the Proposed Class and Mr. Roche is no longer participating in RF’s class action practise. The filing of the motions does not guarantee that the cases will be discontinued in their entirety; rather, they may continue even without Roche’s participation.

The withdrawal of Roche from the case comes in the midst of the continuing repercussions from a recent CryptoLeaks exposé. The revelation included tapes showing Roche reportedly exposing a link with Ava Labs, as well as a “secret agreement” to “damage” rivals via the legal system in the United States.

Roche issued a statement on the 30th of August disputing the charges and alleging that they were an effort by a prior defendant who was unhappy with the outcome of the case. Following in his predecessor’s footsteps, the CEO of Ava Labs, Emin Gün Sirer, issued a denial of the claimed deal with Roche and referred to it as “conspiracy theory garbage.”

The anonymous website Cryptoleaks, which asserts that it would conduct investigations based on information provided by whistleblowers and expose assaults and frauds in the crypto sector, has not recanted its assertions.

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