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Crypto exchange announces to list Dogecoin on its platform, a cryptocurrency trading exchange platform, announced the listing of Dogecoin on August 18 via tweet. in its tweet has also mentioned Elon musk – Dogecoin promoter, who integrated Doge as a payment option in SpaceX and Tesla.

The listing occurred after its competitor, Shiba Inu, was listed on a similar exchange last week.

Recently in an interview, Elon confirmed that he still supports the meme cryptocurrency, dogecoin which was made as a spoof on Bitcoin in 2012. Elon accepts that doge has a utility: “memes and dogs.”

Moreover, Tesla founder also brought up the advantage of dogecoin over Bitcoin in the meeting by saying, the transaction capacity of Dogecoin is higher than that of Bitcoin. 

Billionaire Musk tweeted in June month that he keeps on accumulating Dogecoin in spite of the case that was begun against him for advancing DOGE as a Ponzi scheme.

Musk-driven company Tesla began accepting Dogecoin as a mode of payment in January. Moreover, SpaceX did the same in May and subsequently, it was followed by one more business, the Boring Company.

Musk himself holds Ethereum, DOGE and Bitcoin. Tesla has recently sold two-thirds of its initial BTC investment of $1.5 billion after purchasing it in early 2021. It isn’t known whether Musk actually holds his Bitcoin, however, yesterday, ex-CEO of MicroStategy Michael Saylor, who is known to be a popular BTC believer, encouraged Musk to get some more Bitcoin.

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