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Crypto community says Terra Co-founder Do Kwon interview is nothing more than public stunt

The crypto community has reacted negatively to Do Kwon’s first interview since Terra’s demise, with many believing they learnt nothing meaningful. Many believe the interview was not as per expectations. The community responded it to be nothing more than a public relations stunt as well as an effort at damage management. The interview was conducted by Zack Guzman of Coinage. During the recorded interview, the interviewer Guzman also stated that he had an investment in Terra. Irrespective of community response, Guzman claims he is not a friend of Kwon.

Crypto Community response on Do Known interview

One user wrote that the interview doesn’t provide any new information. It is not as per expectations. The interview video appears to be edited.

Another user termed it damage management and PR management work and highlighted that the interviewer was also from the company in which Do Known has heavily invested.

What did Terra’s co-founder say in the interview?

Kwon stated in the conversation that an insider may have had a role in the huge catastrophe since Terraform Labs workers had access to key information. According to him, someone insider may have attempted to capitalize on that specific opportunity.

The information at issue is the flow of funds between trading pools, which caused an imbalance that caused the collapse. The transfer was meant to be confidential, but a mole disclosed it to the world.

He denies claims of the community being a Ponzi scheme and disputed that Terra was a pyramid scheme. He further claimed that no Korean investigators have contacted him.

However, as per information available, South Korea has been conducting an investigation into Kwon, co-founder Daniel Shin, and Terraform Labs’ activities for some months. As part of the inquiries, prosecutors raided Shin’s home last month, and authorities also issued a summons for Kwons’ presence. The authorities have also put a travel restriction on Terra personnel.

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