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ConsenSys Admits That It Gathers Information About Users

ConsenSys, a company that was one of the driving forces behind the Ethereum merger, revealed on Thursday that it also collects user data in relation to its on-chain wallet service known as MetaMask. The change comes just a few days after the decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) Uniswap made a similar change to its privacy policy.

ConsenSys has said that it gathers certain user data, including contact information and profile information, in addition to other user data. This information is collected alongside other user data. Though the company has not disclosed what information is collected by MetaMask itself, some of the same data that ConsenSys and Uniswap collect from users will be shared between both platforms.

The company also said that when the digital wallet MetaMask is used with Infura, which is the default remote procedure call (RPC) provider, Infura would gather the user’s IP address as well as the Ethereum wallet address for transactions. RPC is a protocol that is used to make data and information requests to a programme that is operating on a computer server that is hosted by a third party. The company’s privacy policy also warns that while no person is able to see the data being shared because of the way blockchain works, a malicious party can see the fact that it has been shared.

The user’s financial data will no longer be gathered on MetaMask if they move to a different RPC on the platform. ConsenSys’s product lineup includes both the blockchain application developer Infura and the digital wallet MetaMask. Both of these products are supplied by ConsenSys.

Meanwhile, members of the Crypto Twitter community have expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision, which some have interpreted as a violation of a user’s privacy, one of the fundamental principles underlying the crypto sector. The concern is valid because, with the rising crimes in the space over the last few months, there is a growing need for security measures to be implemented, and cryptocurrency proponents are in favour of those measures.

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