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China’s University Introduces first metaverse majors

According to reports, Nanjing University in China has introduced one of the nation’s first majors to study metaverse-related information. The eastern Chinese university claimed that this new initiative is intended to offer fresh courses relating to the metaverse that would enable more students to meet the demands of metaverse businesses.

In order to incorporate more metaverse-related courses into the institution, the Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology is renaming one of its major departments, the Information Engineering Department, to the “Metaverse Engineering Department.” Sources claim that this department may be the first in China to use the term “metaverse.”

The renamed department’s head, Pan Zhigeng, indicated that this change will help the school better integrate with metaverse-related businesses so that they can recognise the needs of these groups and train more people to fill their staff.

Nanjing University will train Metaverse workers

The metaverse major aims to instruct and prepare the next generation in the metaverse and its connected fields. The core of the metaverse major curriculum will be the metaverse’s supporting technologies, such as AR, VR, IoT, AI, 3D modelling, spatial computing, and others.

Speaking more specifically about the curriculum, Pan Zhigeng, dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence, stated that the institution intends to work with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to train master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral students on Metaverse.

Pan claims that graduates with degrees in metaverse-related fields will be well-qualified and prepared to help businesses with the creation of initiatives like smart healthcare, smart tourism, digital education, and other metaverse-related needs.

The university and Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group inked a contract in August 2022 to establish the Metaverse Research Institute. A company called Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group provides businesses with robotic and digital solutions.

To increase efficiency and stimulate the economy, Shanghai and Beijing, local governments in China, have also included metaverse into their governance structures.

Additionally, the University of Tokyo declared that later this year, it would start teaching metaverse engineering. In addition, Meta stated earlier this month that it was working with Victoryxr, a business that builds metaverses, to build ten virtual campuses. This is a component of the $150 million Immersive Learning project, which aims to integrate the metaverse into learning settings.

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