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Charles Hoskinson invited IOTA head Dominik Schiener to debate

On September 29, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, challenged Dominik Schiener, the chairman and co-founder of IOTA Foundation, to a debate. The Cardano founder was answering a question from an IOTA Reddit community post.

IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener, on the other hand, seemed excited by the discussion and claims it gives him the chance to discuss the development and roadmap of IOTA’s new protocol.

Dominik also asked the IOTA Foundation’s Hans Moog, a tech enthusiast, hacker, and businessman with 24 years of software development experience, to be included in the discussion.

Dominik Schiener

Notably, if a debate was to take place, then there would be a lot to talk about because both the networks obtained historic milestones in recent weeks. At the time of writing, no additional information had been disclosed.

After two months of beta testing, the IOTA Foundation’s Shimmer Network launched on September 28.

Running at full capacity on the network, Shimmer will offer many chances to tokenise anything from physical assets to fan tokens natively on the Layer 1 blockchain without any fees. An essential step on the IOTA plan is the full launch of the Shimmer Network.

After the launch of the Vasil hard fork on the mainnet on September 22, Cardano also witnessed the deployment of the complete Vasil abilities on September 27.

Notingly, Cardano was also listed on the stock brokerage app Robinhood, it also signed significant agreements, including those with Georgian Wine and Stanford University.

Since the founders of Cardano and IOTA have previously engaged in cordial Twitter exchanges, the tone of their exchange is not surprising.

IOTA co-creator Dominik Schiener received a message from Cardano’s founder in the beginning of 2021 asking about the possibility of building a “bridge” connecting IOTA to the Cardano network and asking him to send an email to arrange a meeting.

“It will be fantastic to reconnect after all those years,” Schiener said in response, adding that he would send an email. At time of publication, it was unclear how the relationship between the two networks developed further.

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