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Chainlink announces to upgrade web-3 startup ecosystem in upcoming Hackathon and Web3 Summit

On August 18, Pintango’s Israel Venture firm via tweet announced a joint partnership with Chainlink to enhance the web-3 startup ecosystem in the upcoming Hackathon and Web3 Summit scheduled to kick off in September 2022.

Outlier Ventures, Reichman University Venture and MarketAcross in collaboration with Israeli web-3 start-ups are backing the forthcoming Summit and hackathon to empower individuals to resolve the problems of the web-3 ecosystem.

The coordinator will act as a bridge between the web-3 enthusiasts and mentor and thought leader from the Israeli startup ecosystem. 

Moreover, it will allow the developers to directly interact with the leaders to address the problems of web-3 and explore the solution for the better functioning of the ecosystem.

At the time of writing, the registration process is underway and propaganda of the Hackathon and Summit will be revealed on August 25, 2022.

David Post, managing director for corporate development and strategy for Chainlink Labs, is excited by seeing the amazing opportunity opened for developers and creators in the Israeli blockchain community. 

“We see a ton of opportunity for the Israeli tech people to add to Web3. To assist with driving innovation, we’re teaming up with First Labs on the very first Web3 hackathon in Tel Aviv, with participants ready to gain access to top-level coaches and thought pioneers. We’re looking to see what the Israeli startup community creates with the help of Chainlink, the sector-leading oracle solution.” 

Ayal Itzkoviz, the managing partner at Pitango, is sure that the joint collaboration with Chainlink (LINK) will forecast a new phase of transition between web2 and web3 for various use cases and said:

“We have a firm belief that Web3 will break the limits of the crypto community and become a predominant source for information sharing and novel applications utilized by Web3 clients and inheritance “web2” clients and organizations. We’re privileged to collaborate with Chainlink Labs, the worldwide pioneer in connecting world information into the blockchain networks, and together to help the flourishing Web3 Israeli ecosystem understand its full potential.”

First labs is a web-3 focused venture launched by Pitango, the Israeli venture capital firm. Its focus is on assisting the new-age startups in web-3 space for fundraising purposes.

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