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Cardano surpasses top firms like BMW and Nike in 2022 top brand intimacy report

On August 26, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson tweeted that Cardano had been ranked 26th in the 2022 top brand intimacy report. Cardano’s position was way higher than companies like BMW, Twitter, Nike, and even Bitcoin.

Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, celebrates this milestone of Cardano by stating that Cardano is literally “moving the chains”. Charles’s statement ultimately demonstrates the essence of blockchain and how the project has treated different firms behind it in its ranking.

A New York agency named MBLW prepares the ranking of brand intimacy. The companies are sorted on the basis of their level of comprehensive user sympathy for the brand. The brand intimacy level is calculated via artificial intelligence and big-data analysis.

The result of the brand intimacy report obviously seems surprising. However, the community of Cardano can be viewed as one of the strongest in the crypto space.

Presently, it appears that each and every individual who is a Cardano supporter is closely watching out for the circumstances around Vasil’s hard fork.

The most awaited Vasil hard fork update is getting closer to its realization, as per the recent reports from Cardano’s parent organization, Input Output.

Out of the required 75%, 56% of all stake pool administrators have updated nodes to the expected version of 1.35.3, as per the latest IOHK rollout. 

Additionally, all fundamental framework parts have been tested and released, with the exception of the Daedalus wallet, which will be prepared as September begins.

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