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Cardano founder takes jibe over Solana network outage issues

On October 01, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, criticises the rival cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) on outage issues, via tweet, whose founders had previously criticised Cardano chain.

Hoskinson and the founders of SOL have previously “exchanged courtesies” regarding their opponent’s chains.

outage issues

On September 30, the Solana blockchain network experienced other outages, when it stopped processing transactions.

According to a message from the @SolanaStatus Twitter account, developers inside the ecosystem were putting in a lot of effort to identify the problem and restart the network.

Solana network was successfully restarted on October 1, after facing the outages. This was another disruption in the ecosystem’s sequence of brief failures that occurred throughout 2022.

It took several hours to identify and resolve the issue that caused the Solana network to go down. This is not by any means the first time Solana has gone down in less than a year.

Another tweet from @SolanaStatus claims that Solana has resumed its Mainnet Beta. All network operators will now continue to restore client services, which will take several hours.

In June, Solana experienced an outage lasting more than four hours. When the network went down in January for more than 18 hours, traders who couldn’t sell their SOL tokens just watched the price fall and lost massive amount of money bringing significant losses to traders.

At the time of writing, SOL has lost 5.82% on the news and is currently trading at $33.005, nearly wiping out the gains of more than 9 percent it experienced over the previous several days.

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