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Cardano co-founder takes jibe over twitterati complain on price downfall of ADA

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder and CEO of Cardano and IOG (Input Output Global) on August 5, educated the man via tweet, who was complaining that ADA prices had come down since he bought some in July 2021. 

IOG is the organization that is liable for doing Cardano R&D (Research and Development) work.

On August 5th morning, when Hoskinson posted the photo of him remaining close to an infant horse at his farm in Colorado.

As soon as Hoskinson posted the photo, a Twitter user named GatorRican used this opportunity to complain about the reality of his $5000 investment turning into a $1500 that GatorRican bought in July 2021.

Moreover, GatorRichan made a Cardano price comparison with Apple stock. GatorRican commented that just like Apple doesn’t have control over his stock price, IOG doesn’t have command over the everyday price movement of the ADA.

Responding to him GatorRican said, it was totally worthless to complain to him about the drop in price of Cardano as Hoskinson had zero power over the users, who are buying ADA and he has no control over the price fluctuation in the crypto market.

Moreover, Hoskinson posted a study on buying ADA tokens in January 2021. If someone had bought the Cardano in January 2021, from then the prices of Cardano had gone up and users that had bought the Cardano had seen an unrealized gain of $1750.

As per the data of TradingView, at the time of writing the ADA is trading at around $0.507.

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