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Cardano CEO shares “universal truth” of cryptocurrency amid ongoing crypto market

On September 7, the CEO of IOG and Cardano network, Charles Hoskinson, provided insights on the ongoing crypto market bloodbath via tweet and expressed that Cardano has never been stronger.

In his tweet, mathematician and crypto billionaire Hoskinson shared the “universal truth” of cryptocurrency. Hoskinson expressed that the crypto market has separated from reality and, moreover, crypto investors are only looking at the crypto price that they HODL, along with Cardano, ADA.

In his tweet, Hoskinson wrote that in spite of the current crypto winter, at present, Cardano, along with various blockchains, has never been stronger.

The ongoing bear market incorporates ADA, which has displayed an 8.18% price drop. Hoskinson is expected to say that the price of the coin doesn’t mirror the genuine macro factors that supported it, while the community yearns for easy gains, so they won’t be able to see the macro factors behind the fall of the coin price.

Cardano’s preparations are in full swing for the impending Vasil hard fork. Recently, the news media revealed that IOHK, the organization that formed the Cardano network, affirmed that the update would occur on Sept. 22.

Moreover, Robinhood, a crypto trading app, recently listed Cardano in its application.In the second thread of his tweet, cryptographic tycoon Hoskinson shared the variables that should really be seen while assessing any digital currency.

 The main focus of the “true purpose of technology” relies on the genuine problems that crypto solves, the new doors it opens for clients, the individuals it helps, etc. 

As per Hoskinson, Cardano satisfies these requirements and also changes the world. Moreover, the “best days are ahead of us,” Charles tweeted.

As reported by the news website, a week ago, Cardano jumped into the $11 million venture round in a fintech organization situated in Kenya, Africa.

Hoskinson tweeted that he was eager to help the Pezesha firm in changing the microfinance business in Africa and universally. Before that, in 2022, Cardano joined hands with Pezesha to form a decentralised finance system in Africa.

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