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Canadian conservative party chooses bitcoin enthusiast Pierre Poilievre on the first ballot

The federal Conservative Party of Canada has selected Pierre Poilievre, a bitcoin enthusiast, to be its next leader. The party is placing its hope in Poilievre to compete with the Liberals of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after a string of election losses. Notably, Poilievre aims to make Canada the “blockchain capital of the world.”

Poilievre’s victory was a foregone conclusion for months, as the majority of opinion polls conducted prior to the party convention on Saturday night showed that his fiery political rhetoric resonated with members – and gave him a comfortable lead over his closest rival, the more centrist Jean Charest. Poilievre’s victory was a foregone conclusion for months.

After it was reported that he had won the election with an overwhelming majority, Poilievre informed the audience in Ottawa, where the convention was being held, “This is not my triumph, it is yours.” On the first ballot, he received support from 68 percent of voters, whereas Charest only received support from 16 percent of voters.

He stated that “tonight begins the journey to replace an old government that costs you more and delivers you less with a new government that puts you first – your paycheque, your retirement, your home, and your country.”

According to experts, the ascension of the veteran politician is an indication that Canada’s major opposition party is moving to the right and that it is embracing right-wing populist language, which has been gaining momentum in the nation as well as throughout the globe.

His impact on the political landscape in Canada is already being felt, despite the fact that many people are sceptical about whether or not Poilievre’s popularity among conservatives will spread to the rest of the Canadian electorate or result in a victory over the Liberals, who have been in power in the country since 2015. However, Poilievre’s influence is already being felt.

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