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BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik deported to US to face money laundering charges

The BTC-e operator, Alexander Vinnik, has allegedly been deported to the United States to face several money-laundering allegations while operating at the defunct crypto exchange.

Alexander Vinnik is mastermind of BTC-e

Alexander Vinnik has been entangled in legal entanglements for the last 5 years regarding his involvement as the brains behind BTC-e. The crypto exchange is claimed to have benefited from a variety of illegal operations that exploited the network to smuggle around $4 billion in BTC.

Alexander Vinnik’s attorney, Frédéric Bélot, reported on August 5 that Vinnik was on his way from Greece to the U.S., where he might face a series of accusations in the Northern District of California. Due to further allegations, the Russian resident is also suspected of financial fraud and conducting an unauthorised money business in America.

No participation in illegal activity, Alexander Vinnik, a BTC-e worker

The suspect is already undergoing a 5-year prison sentence in France for laundering money as part of a coordinated criminal gang. Alexander Vinnik’s attorneys had filed a futile petition, claiming that Alexander Vinnik was only a BTC-e worker with no participation in illegal activity.

Alexander Vinnik, a BTC-e operator, was arrested in Greece while on holiday in 2017. The US, France, and Russia are seeking his extradition. Despite various attempts by Russia to have Vinnik transferred to its authority, Greece’s State Council decided to deport him to France in early 2020.

Alexander Vinnik reportedly agreed to Russian extradition considering that he was experiencing much fewer criminal accusations. Vinnik, on the other hand, faces a maximum of 55 years in jail in America after the Justice Department issued 21 charges of unregistered money service companies, money laundering, and other connected offences against him.

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