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Blockchain.com announces to add TRON’s native utility token TRX on its platform

Blockchain.com, a prominent cryptocurrency financial services firm, issued a press release on September 13 announcing that the company has listed TRON’s native utility token TRX on its platform. After this cryptocurrency listing, TRX will be made available for trading on the Blockchain.com platform and for users of its cryptocurrency wallet. This means that TRX will be able to send, receive, buy, sell, swap, and earn rewards in the Blockchain.com Wallet, and it will also be able to be deposited, traded, and withdrawn from the Blockchain.com Exchange.

The many incentive programmes would be included, including one that enables users to earn up to 8% in yearly rewards for those who store their TRX in a Blockchain.com Rewards Account. They also claimed that this feature is a method to increase the Web3 field by attracting more prominent layer-1 public blockchains. This was cited as a way to grow the Web3 ecosystem.

According to the development team, staking incentives, improved liquidity, and expanded user reach have all contributed to the TRON ecosystem’s growth and made it far more accessible to the general public. The Blockchain team concluded that this most recent listing makes TRX more accessible to the general public so that it may be used on TRON dApps to further develop the ecosystem.

Blockchain.com plans to deliver practical solutions for their users

Since 2011, Blockchain.com has been operating as one of the most reputable bitcoin exchanges in the industry. It was the first Bitcoin blockchain explorer at the time, and it also went on to establish a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange later on.

In addition to the services it offers to individual customers, Blockchain.com also acts as a one-stop shop for institutional customers. This service includes the ability to engage in over-the-counter trading, custody, and lending. Additionally, the firm collaborates with its institutional customers to develop customised solutions that are designed to meet certain goals.

Blockchain.com has over 37 million verified users all over the globe and 84 million wallet holders at the present. Because of these enormous numbers, the fact that TRX has been listed on its platforms indicates that the currency will now be accessible to millions of people all over the world.

Since its inception eleven years ago, Blockchain.com has successfully completed more than a trillion dollars’ worth of transactions, as the company announced earlier this year. It continues to be one of the cryptocurrency firms that is mulling about the possibility of going public in the years to come.

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