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BlackPink takes home award for Best Metaverse Performance at VMA

The Best Metaverse Performance VMA 2022 winner is a South Korean female group known by the initials BLACKPINK.

The Best Metaverse Performance VMA winner is a South Korean female group known by the initials BLACKPINK. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, the group’s members, made their worldwide debut in 2016 and quickly became the most popular Korean girl group. Blackpink is also referred to as the “biggest girl group in the world of the 21st century.” Blackpink controlled the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) with their fabulous performance. The award is presented by MTV, an American cable network, and is known as the “Super Bowl for Youth.” There is a brand-new category for Metaverse performances for Web3 fans.

Since their debut music video, Video Killed the Radio Star, MTV has advanced significantly since August 1, 1981. The television network boasted that video would replace radio. We now see the Metaverse getting ready to modify MTV. The Metaverse concert category was won this year by BlackPink. BlackPink performed at the VMAs as the first K-Pop female group.

The winners’ trophy is an astronaut travelling to the moon. One of the earliest videos to appear on MTV is represented here in metal. The band added, “We’re simply really grateful to our fans, so thank you very much for this award,” as they accepted their space dude. They said that they were thrilled to see other musicians perform because it was their first time attending the VMAs.

It was fiercely competitive for BlackPink to deliver the best performance in the Metaverse. On the Fortnight platform, Ariana Grande was their rival. In Minecraft, they competed with fellow K-Pop stars BTS. On Roblox, Charlie XCX was also a contender. On Wave, Justin Bieber was included. And on Roblox, Twenty One Pilots. The metaverse may seem far off, but if the VMAs are any indication, it is still a tremendously popular concept, especially with Millennials and Gen Z.

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