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Bitcoin sceptic Nassim Taleb takes jibe over billionaire Barry Silbert for expecting bitcoin to hit $100,000 mark

On September 1, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, writer of famous books like “Antifragile” and “Black Swan”, ex-option trader and risk analyst took to Twitter to stab crypto billionaire Barry Silbert, who founded Digital Currency Group and its subsidiary, Grayscale.

Taleb tweeted that Barry Silbert is still waiting for BTC to touch the mark of $100,000.

Nassim Taleb mocked the founder of Digital Currency Group for expecting the biggest cryptocurrency, BTC, to rise to the $100,000 price level on the charts.

Moreover, Nassim Taleb posted a screenshot of Barry Silbert, in which Silbert jokingly said that he is looking forward to selling BTC to Nassim Taleb when it comes to a price point of $100,000. Over recent years, Nassim has turned into a BTC skeptic.

In March 2022, Taleb expressed on Twitter that BTC would still remain a failure, even after hitting the price of $100,000.

Moreover, risk analysts also believe that BTC has proven itself as a bad asset for an inflation hedge. The present crypto winter might well transform into a “full-blown ice age,” as per Nassim Taleb.

On the other hand, Barry Silbert is a firm believer in Bitcoin and is an active Bitcoin investor.

Bitcoin has been trading below the $20,000 price level since August 26. BTC fell below an important support level after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivered a speech in which he stated that the Fed will continue to raise interest rates in order to control inflation.

At the present time, BTC is holding over 70% of its historic peak of $69,000, which was reached in November 2021.

In 2020, when the pandemic started in the eastern part of the world and then spread to the rest of the globe, that was the last time BTC was trading at around a $20,000 price level. The pandemic causes lockdown and massive money printing in the United States (over $6 trillion in cash was injected into the economy), Japan, the European Union, and other countries.

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