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Bitcoin researcher and development firm Vinteum announces to offer Bitcoin developers in Brazil and Latin America

As per the press release given to the magazine on August 10, Vinteum, a non-profit Bitcoin research and development organization, will provide funds to the open-source developers of Bitcoin and train them in the Brazil and Latin America region to foster the development of the Bitcoin network.

Various organisations and exchanges have contributed to the open-source development of Bitcoin by donating a significant amount. Moreover, companies like Blockstream, Lightning Labs, and NYDIG are ready to hire Bitcoin developers on a salary.

On the other hand, Vinteum is up on the mission to increase the development of Bitcoin decentralisation by creating funds and education for Bitcoin developers for each individual, company and region.

Lucas Ferreira, Vinteum executive director and founder said, “Educating and hiring more Bitcoin developers and reaching millions of people, lightning plays a crucial role.” 

Further Lucas added, “The growth in the ecosystem will be more powerful and safe assuming we have various entities financing developers from around the globe. We have a lot to deal with and we really want input from a bunch of specialists, so we can create a truly global and comprehensive financial framework and payment ecosystem.”

Moreover, Vinteum is on a mission to enlarge its Bitcoin development network beyond Brazil. In order to accomplish this mission, Vinteum is going to diversify to the broader Latin America region. 

In order to hire more developers, the educational content of the Chaincode Labs would be translated to Portuguese facilitating the interaction of Brazilian Bitcoin developers into the network. Meanwhile, Vinteum will focus on curating its own education content for the future.

Bruno Garcia is the first Bitcoin developer to get funded by a non-profit organisation, Vinteum. Moreover, Bruno not only works on the Bitcoin Core development but also, will be joining the Vinteum team as their third founding member.

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