Bitcoin Education Has Started More Widespread At US Institutions
Monday, January 30, 2023
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Bitcoin Education Has Started To Become More Widespread At US Institutions

The number of courses taught at schools on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is continuing to climb, and Texas A&M University is the most recent college in the United States to offer a Bitcoin course to some of its more than 74,000 students.

The news was announced on January 13 by Associate Professor Korok Ray of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M. Professor Ray will be teaching the “Bitcoin Protocol” course to students in the Mays Business School and the College of Engineering when the Spring Semester begins on the 17th of January.

In the four-part Twitter thread, Ray said that the “Programming Bitcoin” course would adhere to the Bitcoin Protocol and that students would learn how to “create a Bitcoin library from scratch.”

The educator went on to say that gaining clearance from the appropriate curriculum committee body at the school was not a simple task and that it was the culmination of “months” of laborious effort on their part.

According to crypto researcher Josh Cowell, a lack of high-quality crypto education has been identified as a major impediment to scaling adoption.Cowell suggested that it can improve one’s financial literacy if done correctly, and he suggested that it is a key factor in taking adoption to the next level.

College students in the United States are increasingly being instructed on the legal and regulatory ramifications of blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies.

Adjunct Professor Thomas Hook of the Boston University Law School recently told that the law school now offers a course called “Crypto Regulation” for students who are interested in learning how crypto-versed lawyers and cryptocurrency companies can best navigate through regulatory uncertainties as they look to take their products and services to market.

Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, the National University of Singapore, Cornell University, and the University of California, Berkeley are some of the other colleges that now offer courses on cryptocurrencies.

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