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Binance To Launch Its New “Dual Investment” Products

The leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, made the announcement that it would be launching its new “Dual Investment” products on November 2. These products will provide customers with the opportunity to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a desired price and date in the future, while also earning high rewards regardless of which direction the market goes.

In the statement posted on Binance’s official website, the company states that its Dual Investment feature “provides access to Buy Low and Sell High products at a set price at a selected date in the future, without any costs.” It doesn’t matter if a user is an experienced trader or just a HODLer who wants to earn some extra rewards; both types of users can use this product to better manage risk in their portfolios. Additionally, it provides a gateway for new users to participate in the Binance market while simultaneously maintaining their confidence in their potential gains.

According to Binance, the firm has implemented a new function that is being referred to as “Auto-Compound.” This feature will reportedly re-subscribe users to the Dual Investment plan if the Settlement Date arrives. Once you enable the functionality, the system will help you with re-subscribing to a new position with a Settlement Date occurring on the next available Settlement Date from the current date forward.

Every Tuesday and Friday is the day that is designated as the Settlement Date for ETH and BTC. Every Friday is the day that marks the Settlement Date for all other types of digital assets. The customer’s Dual Investment plan will continue to be automatically re-subscribed to the next available Settlement Date on the Settlement Date so long as the Auto-Compound function is turned on. Users have until thirty minutes before the settlement date to activate or disable the Auto-Compound plan on their accounts. 

This idea of new products will allow users to diversify their portfolios by investing in various cryptocurrencies with the additional feature of purchasing or selling crypto at any time with full or partial offset of initial crypto-investments.

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