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Binance hires former Brazilian Central Bank President

Henrique Meirelles, a former minister of the economy and head of the Brazilian Central Bank, has joined the advisory board of Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, according to a September 5 report from the Brazilian media outlet O Globo. Binance announced:

“Binance confirms the participation of Henrique Meirelles in the company’s new global advisory board and reports that it will release more details about this initiative soon.”

In 2003, Henrique Meirelles was elected president of the Central Bank of Brazil. Up until 2011, the 77-year-old economist held onto his seat. Under Michel Temer’s administration, Meirelles additionally held the position of Minister of Finance for Brazil. Meirelles holds leadership positions in both politics and business. He is the board of directors’ chairman of the Brazilian investment firm J&F Investimentos SA.

The presence of such a reputable individual clearly demonstrates the company’s popularity on the international stage. Being a member of the Binance team is thus evolving into a desirable accomplishment. The CEO of Binance, CZ, noted on Twitter last month that there are thousands of phoney Binance employee accounts on LinkedIn.

According to CZ, just 50 of the 7,000 people claiming to be part of the Binance team are truly employed by the company. CZ took advantage of the occasion to urge that LinkedIn provide a function that allows firms to verify employment claims. While other companies are laying off employees, Binance appears unconcerned about the impact of the crypto winter. CZ stated in June, when the crypto winter was at its worst, that the exchange was looking to capitalise on the crypto winter. Binance co-founder Yi He stated that the firm has up to 2,000 open positions and is trying to expand its personnel.

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