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Binance collabs with Virtuzone to accept crypto payments in UAE

The world’s top blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure provider for cryptocurrencies, Binance, has teamed up with Virtuzone, the leading provider of business formation and corporate services in the UAE, to make Binance Pay the first cryptocurrency payment method for business setup in the country. By facilitating cryptocurrency payments for company establishment, Virtuzone, a leader in the early adoption of cryptocurrencies, aims to lower obstacles to entrepreneurship and provide opportunities for foreign companies to engage with the vibrant startup scene in the country.

In addition to advancing the usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the nation through the strategic alliance, Virtuzone also hopes to play a significant part in the Web 3.0 movement in the United Arab Emirates.

Neil Petch, Chairman and Co-founder of Virtuzone, stated:

“The partnership we have forged with Binance reflects our commitment to continue our pursuit of innovative solutions that will positively impact the UAE startup community, whilst expanding the future possibilities and opportunities for Virtuzone and its clients.”

Contactless, international, and secure bitcoin payments and transfers are made possible by Binance Pay, a company-developed cryptocurrency payment mechanism. It allows for user-to-user payments, a variety of cryptocurrencies, and instant international money transfers. As a result, there are no longer any costs or delays related to transactions handled by middlemen or other third parties.

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