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Binance CEO expresses his displeasure with Twitter on bot army issue

On September 8, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the well-known crypto exchange, Binance, via tweet reminded the Twitter team to solve the task of the bot army.

CZ is especially worried about the removal of the tremendous number of his clones on Twitter, expressing that “they are simply everywhere.”

The Binance CEO recently noticed that numerous bots imitating the Binance chief executive have started showing up under multiple tweets of Twitter user accounts, including crypto influencers. CZ has now begun focusing on it himself and asked the Twitter team to concentrate on fighting bots.

Moreover, CZ even took the reference of Elon Musk’s pending case to speed up the process.

Previously, Musk also griped about the issue of numerous bots claiming to be CZ under one of his tweets.

Twitter’s board of directors accepted the deal to purchase Twitter for $44 billion by Tesla CEO in June. After this, Elon ends up buying 9.2% of its stock, thus making him the biggest single shareholder of Twitter at that time. He was even welcome to join the Twitter board, yet he decided to avoid it.

Nevertheless, in July, Elon abruptly chose to back off from the already planned deal. The Twitter board sued Elon for trying to drive him to finish the previously mentioned deal.

The trial was initially scheduled to occur in October. However, after the emergence of Twitter informant Peiter Zatko, Musk requested the court to postpone the hearing by at least a month.

Twitter clients and investors are helpless against serious risks due to the social media giant’s privacy and security flaws.

Recently, Tesla’s CEO scrutinized Jackson Palmer, one of the Dogecoin founders, for lying about composing code in the Python language that would assist with disposing of Twitter bots.

In his sarcastic tweet, Elon compares the Parmer code with his children and says his children, at the age of 12, wrote better code than what Palmer had sent him. This was Musk’s reaction to a meeting with Palmer, where the latter bashed digital currencies as “inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technology.”

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