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Top NFT artist Beeple unveils new physical studio to showcase NFT artwork

On October 13, Beeple, renowned NFT artist, announced via tweet that a real studio was being constructed in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Beeple also posted a video with the title “BUILD” displaying a big warehouse undergoing renovation.

Beeple about his new project, said, “I believe by displaying to the public that this artwork can absolutely be shared and admired in real life, not only on our small screens, they will see that this medium is exactly like any other with the capacity to provide beauty, prompt meaningful debate, and profoundly move us.”


In addition, Beeple also said that displaying digital artwork in the real world might be precisely what the NFT market needs in the midst of the current slowdown in the sector.

Beeple stated, “The entire digital art/NFT community coming together and seeing digital artwork IRL (in real life) is something that I think will assist bring in the next wave of collectors.” He further added, “that is precisely what we need to go past this bear market.”

The action is being taken in the midst of a lengthy bear market in which NFT trade volumes have significantly decreased.

Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, is still among the most prominent NFT artists in the NFT sector. He received a record price of $69 million by selling an NFT via Christie auction house last year.

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