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Anthony Hopkins’ NFT collection sells out in minutes: OpenSea

On October 14, the online non-fungible token marketplace, OpenSea, tweeted about the successful selling of the NFT collection, which belonged to Oscar award-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins. The tweet caught the attention of many, as his debut NFT collection, “The Eternal Collection,” was sold in just 10 minutes, which is nothing short of a miracle in the cryptosphere.

The collection was created in partnership with Orange Comet Inc., a design business that focuses on NFT and Web3. It is made up of a thousand unique pieces of film art that were inspired by the actor’s many roles over the course of his successful career.

The creative images and animations include titles such as “The Jester,” “The Lover,” “The Ruler,” “The Rebel,” “The Giver,” and “The Eternal.” Each one symbolizes a different classic role that the actor has played during the course of his career in Hollywood.

In a tweet, the well-known actor expressed his gratitude to the NFT community while also noting that he was unable to believe the news that the collection had sold out. The event of the sale of NFTs in minutes is surprising because it is believed that it is not easy to sell blockchain-based collectibles in a very short period of time.

The 990 one-of-one unique NFT images each come with a randomly selected utility. These utilities include the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with Anthony Hopkins via Zoom, to receive an autographed art book featuring the actor’s paintings and drawings, and to receive a random selection of personalised NFTs with a message from Hopkins airdropped into their wallets. The utilities are included with the purchase of the 990 unique NFT images.

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