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Amazon unveils its plan to assist in burning 140 million Shib tokens

On September 19, the Twitter account @shib superstore, created by mobile game developer Travis Johnson, announced via tweet that more than 140 million SHIB meme tokens would be burned by the end of this month.

Johnson will be able to accomplish that with the support of the Amazon affiliate program, which he started using earlier this year. Meanwhile, the overall SHIB burn rate is currently much lower than it was a week ago as well as within the last 24 hours.

Travis Johnson in a recent tweet revealed the platform’s overall income on September 18. Travis also discloses the money his games generated him on September 18 in advertising income and what he made from Amazon commissions.

SHIB unveils to burn 138 million coins in September

140 million Shib tokens
SHIB unveils to burn 138 million coins in September.

At the end of September, there will have been a total burn of over $1,500. This is the equivalent of 138,248,847 Shiba Inu coins at the current exchange rate. Approximately 27,649,769 SHIB valued at $300 will be burned via Amazon at this rate.

Shibburn portal data shows that during the last 24 hours, the total rate of SHIB token burning has drastically decreased, dropping 84.54%. Only 8,402,785 SHIB have been sent to dead-end wallets by the community during the previously stated time frame.

A small amount of SHIB burned in the last 24 hours. SHIB lumps of less than 100 million, frequently less than 50 million, were burned over the course of the previous week.

The rate at which the community is eliminating SHIB tokens from circulation supply appears to have slowed down. 

The value would not soar to $1 or even to $0.001, as many had expected previously this year, despite 40% of it already having been moved to “inferno” wallets and sealed in them indefinitely.

The long-awaited game SHIB Eternity has so far been published on both Android and iOS in Australia, as was announced over the weekend by pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama, the primary Shiba Inu creator. Shytoshi stated that there “will be burns from the game period.”

Shytoshi did not specify whether SHIB burns will be carried out using in-game techniques. Additionally, he cautioned that this game won’t operate as a burner for a specific cause in December. As a result, it is currently unknown whether SHIB Eternity will take part in the burning of SHIB tokens.

SHIB, the fourteenth-largest digital currency, abruptly dropped over 7% of its value on September 19. Currently, the price has somewhat risen, and the coin is trading on the Binance exchange in the $0.00001069 range.

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