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Over 500 million new investors to buy crypto by 2030: Analyst

According to a report provided by economist and macro analyst Alex Krüger, 500 million more investors will enter the financial market by 2030, potentially creating a new source of development for the cryptocurrency market. 

According to the data in the research, the number of new consumers would rise in the continents of Asia and Africa. Europe and America used to provide the majority of the capital for the cryptocurrency market, with Asia recently catching up in terms of the proportion of investors.

Alex Krüger predicts that the number of users from the mentioned regions will rise by another 500 million by 2040. Given the volatility and youth of the cryptocurrency market, it is unfortunately difficult to forecast what will happen. Thanks to the disruption of the equilibrium between short and long orders, bears were forced to pay a higher interest rate for those investors who decided to build long positions in the market. As a result, the cryptocurrency market saw some relief.

Cryptocurrency adoption is consistently rising. This was viewed as expanding the pool of clients investing in cryptocurrency. It is a level that needs to be brought up and includes several important standards that need to be handled. However, a recent study by one economist gives a general notion of how the bitcoin user base would evolve by the year 2030.

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